Joseph H. O’Leary, MD

Medical Director, Family Services Division, Catholic Charities of Baltimore

Dr. Joseph O’Leary has been interested for his entire career in the use of technology to improve healthcare. In the mid-90s, while working as the Medical Director for RICA – Southern Maryland, he developed the first server-based network and oversaw the development and installation of the first EMR in a Maryland Department of Health facility. In 2009 he designed and developed Catholic Charities’ first telemedicine system, and he and his staff have been using telepsychiatry continuously ever since, with the majority of the community-based psychiatry staff using telepsychiatry to see some or all of their patients every week.

Dr. O’Leary received his MD from the Penn State College of Medicine in 1981 as a member of their 10th graduating class. He trained at Georgetown University Hospital in general psychiatry, and child and adolescent psychiatry, and is board certified in both. After working for the State of Maryland for 11 years, he came to Catholic Charities of Baltimore in 1997, serving initially as Medical Director for Villa Maria, and for the last decade as Medical Director for the Family Services Division of Catholic Charities of Baltimore. The Family Services Division serves thousands of Marylanders in clinics, group homes, day programs, a hospital diversion program, treatment foster care, foster care for medically fragile youth, and residential treatment. Dr. O’Leary and his Assistant Medical Directors oversee a staff of more than 20 nurse practitioners and physicians.