Martin S. Kohn, MD


Martin Kohn, MD, MS, FACEP, FACPE, is a consultant working in health data analytics, health policy and healthcare management. He is an experienced physician, clinical informaticist, and health policy analyst. He was most recently Chief Medical Scientist at Sentrian, which creates predictive analytic systems integrating home monitoring with longitudinal health data for patients with complex chronic diseases. Sentrian identifies patients who are likely to need hospitalization days before they become seriously ill to provide time to intervene and avoid hospitalization. Previously, he was the Chief Medical Scientist for Care Delivery Systems in IBM Research developing analytic tools for healthcare, including the use of the Watson supercomputer.

Dr. Kohn is a board-certified emergency physician with over 30 years of practice and management experience. He received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in electrical engineering from MIT, the MD from Harvard Medical School and a master’s degree in health management and policy from NYU. He did additional graduate study in bio-medical engineering at Stanford. He has been a healthcare executive, educator and congressional health policy advisor. Dr. Kohn is board certified in Clinical Informatics, a certified physician executive and has published on clinical, technical, management and policy subjects. He speaks frequently on the role of “Big Data” and artificial intelligence in clinical decision support and the transformation of healthcare. His broad background and publications in engineering, data science, clinical medicine, management and health policy allow him to work closely with all players in the joint effort of technology in healthcare.